Facial Reconstructive Surgery and Lesion Excision

Facial skin lesions are a common problem in our increasingly sun-exposed society. For lesions that are suspicious for cancer, we routinely perform biopsies or excisional procedures. We also work closely with area dermatologists who may offer non-surgical management of selected skin conditions.

For facial skin cancers, the treatment may involve various approaches depending on cancer type, size, and location on the face. We offer patients a menu of treatment options and guidance on the advantages and disadvantages of each option. For aggressive skin cancers, or cancer adjacent to important facial functional structures such as the eyelid or nasal tip, we may ask our Mohs’ surgeon colleagues to perform the excisional portion of the procedure, while we reconstruct the resultant facial defect for maximal cosmesis and form. Our goals are always: 1-elimination of the cancer, 2-re-establish facial appearance and function, and 3-monitor for recurrence of cancer.

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