Excision of Turkey Neck Procedure

Back in 2003, Dr. Lindsey had several husbands of facelift patients inquire about excising the Turkey neck that they were seeing in the mirror. Up until that time, those patients were recommended for traditional facelift procedures. After several patients requested that the neck redundancy just be excised, Dr. Lindsey began to offer this procedure. Although complex z-plasty neck procedures have been described in the medical literature for decades, these can be cumbersome to perform and result in a long zig-zag scar. So Dr. Lindsey offered the first 2 patients a direct excision of the turkey neck with a straight line scar. Based on the early success of this easy to perform procedure, he has refined this and has even taught an instructional course on this novel procedure at national Facial Plastic society meetings. In general, this procedure can be done in around half an hour, under local anesthesia, and after wearing a small dressing for 24 hours, the patient can essentially resume normal activities. There is a straight line scar which fades dramatically in most patients. The ideal patient for this procedure is a male, with a large “wattle” of skin in the neck who wants to avoid a larger, more traditional face and neck lift with its cost, downtime, and potential risks.

Cost: $2700.00 Downtime: headwrap 1 night. Sutures in for 6 or 7 days.

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